Director: James Hebers | Assistant/Animator: Dora Cepic | Producer: Erica Wilk

    Video by Mitch Ray from Art Signified.

    Live from the Woods Studio on April 5th, 2013 in Vancouver on a Stormy Night. Recorded and edited by: Hunter Elliott – Big shout outs to Richard!

    Directed by Max Sussman | AD/Editor: Megan Russell | Stylist: Lynne Lafreniere | Key Grip: Aaron Pearce | Recorded & Mixed by Braeden “Pockets” Rangno | Sunglasses Made by Jereme Collette, Shane Plaskett, Sabrina Robson, Megan Russell, and Max Sussman

    Directed and Produced by Yuriy Rzhemovskiy | Recorded by Braeden “Pockets” Rangno
    Steadicam operated by Chris Stanley | Make up by Lynne Lafreniere

    “There’s been a new child born from the womb of The Blues. It’s a wondrous two headed offspring called ‘this is The Shoes’. And while this child may grow up to be wild, it will also grow up strong and sturdy and righteous because it has a strong foundation. It will carry on a fine tradition, speaking new words, but in a voice with which the fortunate among us are familiar. It will walk down lonely roads and through barren fields, on a path that will eventually – inevitably – lead to the crossroads. Do you hear that sound? It’s the barking of the Hellhound.” – Cory McCrindle, Grayowl Point


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