Photo by Kale Beaudry at KL Photography

    It had rained for 1000 days. There was a black ring around the sun. Darkness shuffled toward the temple. Music lay where it had fallen.
    Men grew old before our eyes and crawled across dusty dance floors clutching tepid beer and watered down whiskey.
    Women sagged in broken rhythms and nursed tired eyes. The longing grew fierce and unbearable.
    And then—
    A kick drum sounded and a memory dawned from a timeless place. And the darkness shook, and the tired eyes looked, and a shot glass tumbled through the air…
    And then—
    A harmonica wailed an electric tune pulled from the guts of the truth of the earth. And the marquis sparked, and the moon rose high, and a mirror ball split in two…
    And then—
    A slide guitar spoke aloud like a knife, the singer breathed a note, and the music was all drenched in blue. And the rhythm broke free, and everybody could see that there was life after pop after all.
    And then—
    this Is THE SHOES.
    Formed in 2011, this is THE SHOES (t.i.T.S) write and perform raw-toned rock & roll with a nod to the sounds of the Mississippi Delta, Southern Soul and late 60s Garage Rock. The first two years had the band playing around Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and southern BC, garnering a devoted following. In September of 2013 they decided to pack everything into a ’76 Ford Econoline camper van and travel across Canada, marking their first national tour. The three month endeavour had them travel coast to coast, playing over forty shows. Still hungry for the road, 2014 kicks off with a Western Canada tour in February and a focus South to the USA for the spring. this is THE SHOES are bringing their brand of rock & roll to a city, town, village, bar and hole in the wall near you.
    this is THE SHOES is music, pure and simple.

    — Bio written by Matt  Turner